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25 February 2006 @ 02:47 pm
"Aaagh, there something gross floating in my water! I think it's Anthony Rapp."

"Shae, I just love Jesse L. Martin sooooo much. Seriously, I wish he were my best friend. He makes me smile. I think if I lived with Jesse L. Martin, I wouldn't need antidepressants anymore, I'd just walk out of my bedroom door, and be like, OMG HAPPY."
"And I'd be there, too, with Tracie, because they're already BFF anyway. It'd be like a commune."

"I love Jesse L. Martin. He's like Jesus. Oh my god, he is Jesus!"
"Shae, we're going to start a Jesse L. Martin religion one day. And then Anthony Rapp will be really jealous because we didn't start one for him, the selfish bastard. Oh well, he can be like, a demigod or something."
"Martinism! Mel, we'll be Martinists! Like those Elvis people!"
"No, we have to have the "L." The "L" is necessary. So we'd be L. Martinists."
"Did you know that the "L" stands for Lamont, which is what his family calls him?"
"Lamont?! Are you serious?! Jesse L. Martin, I love you. You're Jesus."

"Tom Collins is my drink of choice. How do you make a Tom Collins? I'll bet Angel says that all the time."
"I used to know how to make a Tom Collins... but then I forgot."
"Shae, you should be a bartender in the city."
"I totally should. I'd be like one of those dykey bartenders."
"With a gay bar."
"Of course!"
"And Jesse L. Martin would be there, because he should. With Tracie."
"And Kristin and Idina could be there. Avoiding Taye, even though we love him because he's so bald."
"Wilson wouldn't be there, because he'd be like, 'Oh my god, there are gay people here! And I am SO OBVIOUSLY NOT ONE OF THEM. YES, I AM THE EPITOME OF STRAIGHTNESS."
"Wilson, we love you."
"Anthony would come with Adam Rodney!"
"Well, yes."
"And then Bono would be there, too, making out with The Edge because he can."
[other things I can't remember go here]
"Seriously, that band has so much angst. They should just break up."
"Except then Mr. Dugan might possibly suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and then DIE."
"I heard a rumour that they were breaking up one time and I nearly fainted. I was all breathing weird, and my dad was like, 'Chill.'"
"Oh, U2. You have no point."

That was inspired by this previous conversation:
deliriumrosie (10:20:41 PM): WHY DO I KEEP GETTING EMAILS FROM BONO.
spirtelyshadow (10:20:46 PM): !
spirtelyshadow (10:20:49 PM): that two timing slutman
deliriumrosie (10:20:58 PM): Well, really, the ONE campaign, but BONO.
deliriumrosie (10:21:07 PM): Like Idina. Except not a man.
spirtelyshadow (10:21:08 PM): it's just him, in a room, alone
deliriumrosie (10:21:14 PM): TOTALLY.
spirtelyshadow (10:21:21 PM): he is one, but he is not the same
spirtelyshadow (10:21:26 PM): or...something
deliriumrosie (10:21:30 PM): Like, "ZOMG AIDS AND PO' FOLK! ::saves::"
deliriumrosie (10:21:34 PM): HAHAH.
spirtelyshadow (10:21:37 PM): oh, u2
deliriumrosie (10:21:54 PM): The Edge loves Bono.
deliriumrosie (10:22:01 PM): They should be lovers.
deliriumrosie (10:22:12 PM): OMG, I bet there's been U2 RPS written.
deliriumrosie (10:22:40 PM): Like, "The band has a dramatic falling out when The Edge and Bono decide to tragically end their relationship ANGST."
spirtelyshadow (10:23:35 PM): omg it's funny because it almost probably actually happened
deliriumrosie (10:23:44 PM): Totally.
spirtelyshadow (10:23:45 PM): i bet kirryn would write it, if i asked nicely
deliriumrosie (10:24:03 PM): They were like, "I WISH I KNEW HOW TO QUIT YOU ZOMG."
spirtelyshadow (10:24:05 PM): oh bono/everyone. yourloveissoirishandangry
spirtelyshadow (10:24:25 PM): ahahahah i have to go
spirtelyshadow (10:24:33 PM): because i'm in deep shit if i don't study this
deliriumrosie (10:24:40 PM): And then.. they made a movie about it, except with cowboys instead of Irish sunglass-wearing crazies.

Back to the phone:
"Oh look, how cute, there's Jesse being adorable with Tracie. Aww, they love each other!"
"No, he doesn't love her. He's being like that because he's Jesus and Jesus has to be adorable with all the... little people."

Image hosting by Photobucket
See! Look how cute they are!

"Aww, look, there's Tracie and Idina. Being gay. Except Idina loves Kristin more. Pink goes good with green!"

"Adam, why are your children named Lennon and Montgomery?"
"Oh my god, those were seriously the names of those preppy Connecticut people my aunt was telling me about on the phone. They're going to grow up and start wearing pink polos with popped collars."
"For serious."

"Hey, look, Jesse L. Martin without a beard! What is he doing without a beard?! I think my whole world just died a little! Grow your beard back, Jesse! We like you better when you're Jesus!"

"Fredi did wardrobe for Cats and Phantom?!"
"........... I HATE CATS."
"........... ME TOO. SERIOUSLY."
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Kirryn: powerhouse7000years on October 31st, 2007 10:46 am (UTC)
Okay so don't ask why I'm responding now to this -- I'll tell you guys one day and there will be mucho squee but UNTIL THEN:

i bet kirryn would write it, if i asked nicely

I would too! *DIES* <3