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Merry Misrule of Mellyshae.

Plus pink and sparkles.

Mel and Shae. Because we just rock that hard.
Christopher Columbus
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We say funny things. Do you love Anthony Rapp as much as we do?

Commandments of Shae and Mel:
1. Anthony Rapp.
2. Anthony Rapp.
3. Making fun of Chris Columbus till he cries.
4. Guacamole all the time.
5. Jesse L. Martin is Jesus like no other.
6. Wilson in drag is also Jesus.
7. Tracie Thoms should live everywhere.
8. Start Wearing Purple For Me Now, by Gogol Bordello (aka, that guy who played Alex in Everything Is Illuminated), while an awesome song, is also on so much crack.
9. Your mom.
10. Everything where there are two people have to match up with us.

(PS- Commandment 11- Idina will have sex with Shae one day.)

Maintainers: icybright and shaeberry.

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All colorbars credit moo_shoe!
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